We’re not your average web development company.
Sure we build great looking sites but we’re much more than that. We handle your whole online presence from logo creation and site development to lead conversion to digital marketing.

Honest and Up Front

We only take projects that we believe in.Because we pour so much energy into your project, we want to make sure we believe in what you want to accomplish.We’re happy to discuss your project and come up with a plan that will deliver you the results your business needs.

Make Your Site Work for You

Our sites don’t just look good.We want your web site to work for you.That means using the site to be more than just a pretty page on the Internet.Your site needs to be more, it needs to convert leads into sales, capture customer information, and assist you in making your business more efficient.

What do your websites cost?

Honestly, our prices vary depending on many factors and it’s impossible to say without learning about your project.  You should avoid any web developer who can give you a price without having a long talk with you first.

Let’s chat about your project so we can get a better idea of what you’re looking for.  We’ll talk a bit about your project and then we can put together a custom quote for you.

We don’t build cookie cutter sites.  If you want one of those sites, one that looks like everyone else’s and doesn’t convert, we’re not the firm for you.  Be wary of any web developer who can give you an instant quote, that means you’ll be getting a simple site that looks like every other site out there.  And doesn’t bring your business. 

Why should we hire Strike Force Creative?

Because we’re well versed in both Star Wars and Star Trek.  Seriously though, we’re a passionate company who takes what we do seriously.  Here are some reasons why we’re the right fit for you:

We build powerful sites that convert and look good doing it.

K.I.S.  Keep It Simple!

We’re affordable.

We really enjoy what we do.

We’re flexible and understand every project is different.

Need more reasons? 

Why don’t you talk to some of our past clients and ask them?  We’ll happily provide you a list of references you can talk to.

I read on the Internet that I can get a website built for $600.  Why shouldn’t I do that?

Be cautious of anyone who says they can build a website for $600.  A $600 website is always a template, not customized in any way.  They’ll ask you for all of your content, copy and paste it into a template and then they’re done.  There will be no ability to have custom graphics, there will be no interactivity and your site won’t convert.  Plainly speaking, it won’t work for you.  And remember, you get what you pay for.   

Keep in mind, our consultation (contact us link) is 100% free.  Let us help you make the right decision.  It could prevent you from wasting money on a site that doesn’t help your business grow.

I’m thinking of re-branding.  Can you help?

Absolutely.  We have a very competent design team that can design a new logo, custom graphics, new colors, email template, business cards or any other print material you may need.  And throughout the entire design process, you’ll have complete control over the decisions.   


Free Consultation

Let’s chat about your project.  This may be a few phone calls so we can fully understand the scope of your project. 


Strike Force Creative will put together a formal quote that details all aspects of your project, timeline and cost.  Each section will be fully outlined, explaining the ins and outs of the entire project.  Even though this part takes some time, we find it to be very important to ensure we are all on the same page.  Once we’re both happy with all the details of the project, we’ll get started.


We’ll connect with you over a video conference (don’t worry you don’t need a camera) and go through the project roadmap.  We’ll discuss how the communication and transfer of assets (content, pictures, ect.) will happen.  We’ll also answer any questions you may have. 

Design Time

After we have the plan for you site, we’ll design several custom mock-ups of your new site.  During this process you will be integral in guiding the look and feel of the site.  These mock-up are non-functioning but will give you a great idea of what to expect in the final site.  During this process we’ll make recommendations regarding design and layout, based on experience and best practices.  

Nerd Stuff

While the design team is working on your mock-ups our development team will be planning out the technology side of your site.  During this part we won’t need your input very much.  Which is good since unless you’re a super geek like us, you may be bored by it.  Luckily this stuff gets us juiced.


Now that the design is all done, we start making it a real site.  As we build your site on one of our servers you’ll be able to access it at regular intervals to make sure you like how everything works.  We’ll use an appropriate technology based on your needs.  We’re very comfortable using several of the most popular (and some less popular) programming languages. 


Once the final site has been coded up and you’re happy with how everything looks and works, we’ll set it free on the world.  Once the site is launched we provide a 30 day warranty to ensure everything works properly.  Keep in mind that even after the site is launched, we’re not leaving.  We will be your solution for any upcoming changes, fixes, or new projects for your online presence.